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  • How to Create A Portfolio to Get A Job

    In this video by The Futur get a valuable look inside the mind of Master Designer and CEO of Blind: Chris Do, as he talks about what employers like himself look for in a portfolio. Learn the criteria employers use to judge your portfolio and the manner and context in which they’ll see it. What is the purpose of …

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  • Facebook Advertising Proposal

    A Sharp and Professional Facebook advertising Proposal Template for creative businesses, small business, blogger, Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing and more. a Few things to keep in mind when creating Facebook ads. We love Facebook ads, because an effective Facebook advertising campaign costs pennies on the dollar when compared to Google AdWords, giving our clients the …

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  • Free Design Resume

    Resume’s were designed for the 20th century. Based on hard skills, experience and education. Today it is about goal, aptitude and attitude. Before we go over what you should take off your resume, let’s first cover why your resume is so important. Your resume is the first thing a hiring manager is going to see. …

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  • Simple Portfolio Design

    Just release a sharp and professional portfolio template for Creative Businesses, Photographer. Created in Adobe InDesign and Ms Word. It comes in two paper sizes including US Letter and International A4.

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